Reference castings

In FOCAM, countless castings of various materials, weighing from 1 kg to 450 kg and of diverse shapes, have been realized. The selection of reference castings is categorized into: Cast Iron Castings, Steel Castings, and Aluminum and Copper Alloy Castings.


Standard carbon steels with a minimum C content of 0.1% and low-alloy steels.
Examples of commonly produced steels (according to DIN): GS-38, GS-45, GS-C25, GS-52, GS-60, GS-20Mn5, etc.

Heat-resistant steels

Custom production according to customer specifications.

Tool steels

Medium-alloy steels used for tool production (e.g., for molding forms).
We commonly produce grades according to Wr. nr. 1.7140, 1.2067, 1.2769S, 1.2602, 1.2370, 1.2382, 1.2320, 1.2333.