Code of Ethics

The company headquarters and warehouse can be found in Olomouc, in the premises of Unex a.s. - Olomouc branch (former Moravské železárny) Here we have complete commercial and technical facilities, production halls and warehouses. Contact us for an offer for the realization of prototypes or the serial production of castings from various types of steel, including the provision of final adjustments of the castings. We will be happy to meet all your requirements.

We believe that our commitment to ethical behavior is one of the most important components of how Focam operates, and Focam's strong moral foundations are the result of the efforts that are inherently linked to this. At Focam, we are committed to doing business correctly based on a culture of ethics and compliance. Fulfilling social needs is at the heart of our business and an integral part.

We have a clear common interest and goal to strengthen and preserve the ethical foundations of our company and protect our core values. We are committed to promoting and supporting ethical behavior through personal leadership. Focam would like to be a driver of positive change and expects all its employees and stakeholders to join its efforts to achieve this common goal.< /p>

We are very proud of our results to date. Ethical behavior has a long tradition and history at Focam, this culture is already an integral part of it. Our responsibility does not end at the gates of society. Focam is fully aware of its responsibility towards all internal and external stakeholders, therefore it consciously tries to communicate our core values to other parties as well. Unethical or illegal actions, even the appearance of unethical behavior regarding the operation of our company, can easily jeopardize the trust of our entire company. Therefore, we are firmly committed and intend to ensure that any violation of the rules set forth in our Code of Ethics and the Rules of Business Conduct will inevitably have its consequences. Focam has a policy of zero tolerance for corruption, cartels, violations of basic human rights and violations of health, safety and environmental protection rules.

In the long run, we can successfully face the challenges of the competitive market environment by embracing the imperatives of moral responsibility as individuals and as a whole society. We can earn the trust of our employees, customers, business partners and the community of every interested person and protect the good name of the company only by ethical behavior and compliance with all legal regulations. Part of this document is a policy that outlines principles in the area of corruption, bribery and extortion.