Rapid protyping

We employ special methods for casting production such as LOST FOAM, SANDPRINT, or PATTERN PRINT. Leveraging our understanding of modern processes, FOCAM has successfully realized countless castings using Rapid Prototyping methods.

3D Pattern - Prototype Production of 3D Patterns

2. Processing and Preparation of 3D Data for Casting Technology

3. Printing pattern

4. Moulding

SandPrint - Prototyping Production of 3D Molds

Methods of printed molds and cores are utilized in special cases for producing highly complex castings. This technology enables the creation of a mold without the need for a pattern, significantly reducing the production process. Molds for 3D printing are designed so that if a prototype casting is approved for series production, the casting can be formed on a conventional pattern equipment or a combination of pattern equipment with printed cores.


1. Creation/Modification of 3D Product Data

2. Preparation of 3D Mold Data and Casting Technology + Printing (External)

3. Assembling the printed mold and pouring