FOCAM spol. s r.o. was founded in 1991 during the privatization of MŽ a.s. Olomouc, thereby continuing a 40-year-old foundry tradition. Throughout the company's existence, significant investments were made in melting, forming, and heat treatment technologies.

FOCAM focuses on small and medium-scale production of castings (prototypes, production start-ups, spare parts) from cast irons and steels cast into self-hardening molding compounds (AlpHaset).

In exceptional cases, the production range is supplemented with castings made from aluminum and copper alloys, which are cast into sand molds and dies.

Special production of castings - Rapid prototyping
Cast irons and steels production of prototypes and
medium series
Al and Cu alloys production of castings

Production Range

FOCAM produces castings from various types of steels and cast irons. Below is a spectrum of cast materials along with examples of reference castings that have been completed.

Our Services

FOCAM is capable of providing the following services associated with its own casting production. Modern Rapid Prototyping technology and the development of new products are significant elements of the foundry.